Objects for the Hand and Heart. Quiet Work for a Frenetic World.

If you have read the last blog post you will know more or less where this new series of work that has been evolving this year is coming from. (If you haven't I encourage you to scroll down and have a read).

What is not possible to show with a photograph is how these new pieces feel in hand. People (including me) have been SO programmed to never touch ceramic sculpture, yet that is what these pieces ask for. (with the exception of the wall pieces).  The objects (in the flesh) emit a soft glow - from much time spent burnishing and sanding - and feel sensuous in their unglazed nakedness.. like bone.....or skin...or smooth stone.  They are meant to be held, turned over, explored and mulled over, through touch.

The pieces reflect both on the quiet and solitary act of making as well as the slow, repetitive process of carving away excess to reveal a thing's essence. 'Stripping things to the bone' as the saying goes.

I'll admit that yes, the work is completely different from any of my previous (more exuberant) work - many people have commented on this. But perhaps the times we are in call for both the exuberant and the contemplative. I loved making this new work. It came up from somewhere deep within. I hope it resonates with you. Enjoy!